March is Scootermonth where we are celeb


Scooter's Buntz N Sweets is a specialty vegan bakery that specializes in, you guessed it, bundt cakes that we affectionately call, Scootercakes!!  Made from scratch using local ingredients, and 100% vegan ingredients, you can't help but "Get Your Scootercake On!!" once you experience Scooter's. 

Founded in 2016, the bakery was named after my best friend and brother, Phillip C. Cobb, affectionately known as "Scooter" to family and friends. After his passing in 2016, I  gained permission to name the bakery "Scooter's" by his family as a memorial to such a great individual. His character was always friendly, open armed and he was never a stranger to anyone. He is loved by EVERYONE who knew him. 

We pride ourselves to emulate that same down home, southern hospitality spirit in every product we are inspired to create. Great tasting desserts and welcoming atmosphere, makes Scooter's Buntz N Sweets the perfect place to "Get Your Scootercake On!!"