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Celebrating "Scooter"

Philip "Scooter" Cobb was my friend and like a brother to me. We've only known each other for 10 yrs before his transition in 2016. Being from Columbia, by way of Easley, SC, he had life long friends and family who KNOW and love him. As I take the time to celebrate a good brother, I can tell you MY experiences with him that made me respect him, admire him, and consider him a brother.

I will be sharing some of my experiences with you as we count down his birthday on March 27 and honor his life. If you know him and would like to share your experiences, feel free to comment. Let's all celebrate him together!

Truth be told, I didn't call him Scooter. To me, that was reserved for family and life long friends. When we met, he was Phil or P.C, I don't think anyone else, but me, referred to him as P.C. For me, there is a reason why I called him that.

I moved to SC in June of 2006 transferring from internet service technical support call center in Albany, GA to its sister site here in Columbia. I was a call center supervisor there. Phil was hired in August of that same year and was placed on my team. As a supervisor, I thought he was cool people and was impressed with how quickly he learned the ropes. He became one of my best team members and was a motivator for my team. Because of his more than adapt knowledge of networking and computers, I nicknamed him P.C.

One day, one of the call center QA pulled me to the side and alerted me to an issue after reviewing a call. P.C. was caught sending personal emails to another agent using company email and I had to write him up. Didn't really want to do it but I didn't have a choice.

So I approached him and said, "I really don't wanna do this, but you were caught and I have to write you up. He said, " Man, do what you gotta do, it's cool". Rather than be pissed about the write-up, before he left for the day, he invited me along with quite a few folks to Hooters, for beer, wings and to watch Clemson football (Later he works tell me that he respected the way I handled that situation). From what I understand, only me and a fellow supervisor named Arturo (Peace and Blessings on your etheric travels bro!) showed up. We had a BALL!! I met P.C.'s parents, that same night and we had a blast. I was new to SC, I didn't have any friends here

and didn't know anyone outside of family and coworkers. P.C. and his family embraced me and made me and my family feel at home. (That's southern hospitality!).

We've been friends ever since and hung out tight. Every experience I went through since moving to SC, he was there. From meeting my biological family, to my divorce, to me losing my mother, he was a supportive friend. If anything, he had a Bud Light and a joke that created positive vibes and drove away the negative vibes made everything disappear if only for a moment. I appreciate him for all of that. That is why I celebrate him and hope you will do so with me!!

Another story coming soon!




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