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Celebrating Scooter Promo

That right. We are STILL celebrating Scooter. I would think Mama "Tiny" Cobb (PBWH) would have wanted that.

So, Scootercakes are 2 for $3.27 until 3/27.

There is a catch..

You have to go to

Sammi's Deli/Boshreens

2630 Decker Blvd,

Columbia, SC 29223

Or hit me up direct at 803-692-1553

and say you wanna

"Get Your Scootercake On!!"

to get that Scooter's Birthday price.

Send us a video wishing Scooter Happy Birthday and get a coupon for 25% off a Big Mama Scootercake.

We will be picking 3 random videos for a free Big Mama Scootercake giveaway!

Come on and "Get Your Scootercake On!!"

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