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"Get Your Scootercake On!!"

Hello and welcome to Scooter's Buntz N Sweets! Home of the Scootercake! Where we want YOU to "Get Your Scootercake On!!".

I am humbled that you chose to follow me here at Scooter's. My name is Aljerome, Family and friends simply call me Al. I am the Head Baker here at Scooter's. In here, I will share stories. Well, not just ANY story, stories that relate to every aspect of Scooter's Buntz N Sweets. Believe it or not, there is a story behind every thing Scooter's, from the name to every Scootercake we bake.

Here you can get baking advice, ask questions, get recipes, and other surprises! By the way, you are the FIRST to see the new logo. What do you think?

As I get to learn how to use this new blog tool. it won't be as boring looking.But this is part of building our website, which is still under construction. You will be the first to know when the launch date is!! There are other new changes coming to Scooter's, so stay tuned!!

I will post as often as I can to keep you informed. Thank you for your support and always, "Get Your Scootercake On!!"

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