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Scootercake Month

Al, here.. How's everyone doing. As you know, Scooter's Buntz N Sweet was named after my friend and brother, Phillip Cobb, the original Scooter..

Well, March 27th is his birthday and we are celebrating ALL month in Scootercake Month!

We will officially launch our website on March 1st kicking off Scootercake month.

Then from March 6th - 27th, Scootercakes will be $3.27 for 2. That's right! Get your Scootercake On!! (TM) with 2 Scootercakes for $3.27!! Come help us celebrate Scooter's birthday!!

May be some other surprises along the way. So stay tuned!

We will also have a drawing where 2 people will win a certificate for a free Big Mama Scootercake that's always crowned with a "Big Bruh" Scootercake.

Keep following us for more ways we are celebrating Scootercake Month!

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